Meet the Author

About Donna Black

Donna H. Black writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her writing journey began when a friend suggested that other people wrote things and she could too. It was a completely foreign thought, but Donna took the challenge and began writing descriptions of people she saw on the street and passing through her office in Atlanta. The goal was for the written description to recreate in the mind of the reader the exact scene she was seeing. After experimenting with clearly conveying a vision to a reader, she then began to write about things that stressed, aggravated, or confused her. The goal of these essays was to explore conflicting points of view and to make a logical case to settle things in her own mind. Some of those missives became the basis for characters who found their way into her future works of fiction.

2020 brought a lighter work schedule and a world-wide “Stay At Home” order. Donna took the opportunity to finalize two works and to write a new novella. After committing to learn about self-publish, she succeeded in publishing her first three works: Wind and Rain, Collected Poems; The Memory Editor; and Risk Tolerance. Lucid Dreams, another poetry collection, was published 2021.

Donna enjoys exploring characters with conflicted motivations and uncommon responses to circumstances, then demonstrating why seemingly odd choices are the best response after all. Her stories are character and dialogue driven with plots that give the characters the chance to fully develop.

Writer, mom, project manager, photographer, traveler, University of Tennessee horticulturist, and native plant and animal devotee, Donna lives, works, writes, and frets in Fayetteville, Georgia where she and her husband have raised two kids to the age of self-sufficiency.